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Chocolate Peppermint Cake Donuts

Might be a little premature but Christmas Bells are ringing and I'm so ready for the Holidays! These delicious cake donuts taste like Christmas Morning that's for sure. I am so unbelievably proud of how these came out. I tweaked an older Peanut Flour recipe and came up with this. It's so diverse that you can use this recipe as a base minus the cocoa powder and KetoChow packets with other flavors! They are so light and fluffy - all thanks to a secret ingredient you'll see once you get to the recipe down below. You wont believe it but just know this ingredient is used to keep cakes and cupcakes super moist, I promise you can't even taste it! Without further ado - keep on scrolling =)

Chocolate Peppermint Cake Donuts 
Ingredients- 1/2c Almond Flour 2T Unsweetened Cocoa Powder (I used Hershey’s special dark) 1 packet KetoChow Chocolate Mint 1/2c + 2T Sweetener of choice 1/2T Beef Gelatin 1/2tsp Espresso Powder 1/4c Heavy Whipping Cream 3 Eggs 2T Mayo (makes it moist) 4T Coconut Oi…

Maggie's Chili

It's soup season & everywhere I turn there's bowls of Chili making me hungry. So last night I decided to make some yummy Chili using a powdered bone broth I bought off Amazon & let me tell you it exceeded my taste buds expectations! As I was getting all my ingredients together - grabbing spices - I realized I didn't have all the normal "Chili" seasoning aka NO CUMIN! Who are we?! (Bought some today though, phew!) But you know what the best thing happened, something pretty spectacular. I remembered I had a sweet cinnamon chipotle seasoning by one of my absolute favorites, TheSpiceBeast, check him out over on Instagram. Anyways, That's how I came up with this recipe below! I will forever be making this on those cold rainy days with some of my cornbread. (recipe to come)

Maggie's Chili

Ingredients -
1 pound 80/20 Ground Beef
1 bag Sweet Potato Vegi Rice (I use Click Here)
100g Diced Onion
100g Diced Bell Pepper of choice
140g Diced Tomato
1/2 cup Marinara Sauce (I use Click Here)
2T Sweet Cinnamon Chipotle Seasoning (10% off- ketomermaid)
Salt/Pepper to taste
1 scoop Bone Broth Powder (Click Here)
2 cups hot water
Toppings - shredded cheese, sour cream, extra onions

Directions -
In a big soup pot on low-medium heat add 1T avocado oil or olive oil & add your diced onions cooking them till fragrant, then add in your diced bell pepper & cook a little longer. Now add in your ground beef seasoning it with salt/pepper & brown it all the way.
While doing this take your 2 cups of hot water & 1 scoop of bone broth powder whisking it till the clumps go away. Set aside.
Now, your meat should be cooked add in your tomatoes, marinara sauce, seasonings. Once combined add your bone broth liquid & sweet potato package. Give it a good mix & summer on low for 60 minutes. Stir occasionally & taste test adding more seasoning or other veggies as you see fit.

Macros - (using my ingredients)
Servings 7
Calories - 209
Fat - 13.2g
Protein - 15.2g
Carbs - 7g
Net Carbs - 5.6g

Why I used bone broth? There's so many amazing benefits - detoxes your liver, GUT HEALTH, joints, boosts your immune system - especially with cold season upon us, aids with sleep, helps with aging too - we need that extra oomph as we get older, also strengthens our bones. We should be asking what doesn't bone broth do?! LOL I like to incorporate bone broth into soups while adding collagen into my daily coffees & even bake sweet treats.

Questions? Always feel free to email & reach out, I'm here to answer all questions.


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